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How to Tell If a Baby Is a Genius

by Lisa Weber

Every parent thinks her child is a genius. Surely no other child lights up a room the way yours does, and no other child is nearly as clever or as insightful as your own. Right? Truthfully, it is very difficult to determine genius in a baby; most signs do not appear until toddlerhood or the child is in school. However, there are some ways to tell if your baby truly is a genius.

Things You'll Need

* Developmental charts Observations Doctor's observations

Check the developmental milestones. Is your child doing most things (not just one or two things) ahead of the charts? Most gifted children are reported to be very alert infants who require less sleep than other children their age, have longer than average attention spans, and show early language and motor development.

Ask yourself if your child has an excellent memory. Gifted children will always remember where you left his favorite book or your keys. More than 99 percent of parents of gifted children report a superior memory in their children.

Evaluate your child's problem solving abilities. A gifted child will find creative ways in tackling a challenge. He also may solve jigsaw puzzles quickly and easily. At the same time, he may be a perfectionist who seeks one "ideal" solution.

Ask yourself if your child needs more stimulation than the average child. Sometimes, infants who cry a lot are mistaken being for colicky, when in fact, they're just bored. An infant who can't move to change his surroundings may be calmed with a change of scenery. Gifted infants may prefer to look at unfamiliar rather than familiar surroundings.

Have him tested. The Stanford-Binet IQ test can be administered to children as young as three. A person with an IQ over 140 is generally considered to be a genius.


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